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Sirwa Mountain Trek

7 Days & 6 Nights
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Mountain Siroua Trek ( Safran Valley)

7 Days & 6 Nights



Trekking in Sirwa Mountains has been popular for years, as it offers both a physical challenge and great nature, but can easily be done without local guides. There are plenty of elements in nature that easily will help you navigate around the area. The nature here is absolutely on the extreme side, as so much else in the Anti Atlas. Most of it is barren, the mountains are often totally different from anything else you have seen before, and the villages have often been formed in close cooperation with nature. The goal of trekking here, and for once there is really just one itinerary, is the Jebel Sirwa at 3,305 metres above sea level. The Jebel Sirwa is an isolated volcanic peak, which is quite possible to climb for even inexperienced mountaineers..


Day 1 : Marrakech – Talioune – Akhfamane


After an early transfer from Marrakech we arrive in Taliouine (984m), a main trailhead for treks in the Sirwa massif. Here we load our mules and set off for the first part of the trek, a straightforward and easy walk of about 4 or 5 hours to Akhfamane (1250m) where we spend the night in a Berber house (gite).


(Alternatively we can drive to Akhfamane if we arrive too late from Marrakech).


Day 2 : Akhfamane – Mazwad – Ti n’Iddr


Today’s walk takes us along two river valleys and eventually up to our camp site at Ti n’Iddr (1600m) – a total of about 6 hours walking. The area is generally barren with little shade, though we pass through several small typical Berber villages surrounded by terraces.


Day 3 : Ti n’Iddr – Guilez :


This is a more demanding day – about 6 – 7 hours walking – gradually climbing 1000m to Tegragra (2650m) where we camp for the night. It is at times difficult walking and we pass through Atougha, the last village before the summit of Sirwa. Once we have passed Atougha the trail becomes narrow and at times steep,with many zig zags. We pass just below Jebel Guiliz (2905m) before arriving at a large pool where we set up camp.


Day 4 : Tegraga – Jebel Sirwa summit – Tizgui :


After an early start to ensure reaching the summit before the full heat of the day, we set off for the summit of Sirwa (3305m), a ascent of 2 – 3 hours over difficult terrain involving steep climbs, some scrambling and ridge walking. But the views from the summit are breathtaking and well worth the effort. The descent to Tizgui (2200m) where we camp for the night takes about 4 hours.


Day 5 : Tizgui – Tagouyam – Tizlit :


We continue our gradual descent, passing through a number of typical villages on our way down to Tizlit (1700m) near where we set up camp for the night .A total of about 5 hours walking.


Day 6 : Tizlit – Ifrane – Tinfat :


Although this is a long distance – about 20 kms – it is fairly easy going and should take about 6 – 7 hours. We continue our gradual descent passing through terraced fields and small Berber villages to arrive, finally, at Tinfat where we spend the night in a Berber house (gite) or camping.


Day 7 : Tinfat – Taliouine – Marrakech


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