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What guests say about Visage Touareg
An immemorial trip to the desert where we lived the true life of the touareg thanks to Momo our super guide! We rode dromedaries, ate bread baked in the sand and danced to drumming and dunging! The clay and straw houses were our home .. floor of the colorful local carpets and comfortable and clean beds. The staff of this beautiful oasis it was very welcoming, we ate tagin and brouchettes and lots of other typical meals at will! But the most beautiful thing is to enjoy berry whiskey under the moon. The stars were our roof and in a hot night we slept outdoors lounged by the wonderful and indescribable nature .. in the desert you can not describe it you have to live it!

Milano, Italy

I loved everything !!!
The kindness, the know-how of Momo and his team.
The delicious cuisine.
Tuareg music and songs.
The super organization.
The beauty of the place.
Every moment is magic.
Besides, I’ll be back soon …

Biarritz, France

Overnight in Ouarzazate, departure for Zagora where a delicious lunch is served at Yacob, M’Hamid where we begin to see dunes then the bivouac which is at the end of the palm grove. Nice bivouac with small nomad tents and their doors adorned with a fibula. And the large nomad tent that can accommodate forty people for meals, music or stage. The kitchen is made in the house of the grandparents (retapée). This bivouac offers comfort (hot showers) and toilets. I leave you to discover this magical place with wonderful sunrise and sunset and to scrutinize the heavenly vault: it is paradisiacal. Let your star guide you to these extraordinary horizons. Thanks to Momo and his team

Marseille, France

10 times I do the desert with Momo and his team and I come back with friends to make them discover. The desert has something magical and when you’re accompanied by competent people, it’s the pinnacle. And for those who want to recharge without walking, the bivouac is the ideal place. There is a very nice energy to do training courses of all kinds fascia, yoga … Congratulations to Momo, his family and his team …

Montigny, France

Far from trips or excursions to the chain, with Visage Touareg no tourist catch, no unpleasant surprise, but a pure marvel of stay in the Sahara. Incredible scenery, unforgettable memories, fantastic hospitality and permanent kindness that make you come back again. A different journey, according to your desires and your ability to walk for your pleasure. A big thank you to Momo and his family for this beautiful authentic journey in his natal world.

Nozay, France

Already, discovering the desert is an incredible happiness. And Momo and his team are so attentive that it becomes a great luxury. We live as a family, we sleep under the celestial vault, eat with delight the cuisine of Idir, we dance in music in the evening … happiness and tenderness forever in my heart! THANK YOU.

Cagnes / sea, France

Choosing a stay with Visage Touareg is a bit like going on vacation with his family. A distant family, unknown, but who will receive you as only a family knows how to do it.
Far from the “imposed figures” of the classic tourist agencies, it is the assurance of living a dream stay adapted to its desires, aptitudes or constraints.
All in an authentic environment, in simplicity, but with the perpetual desire to amaze and satisfy you.
At the end of this stay, there is necessarily friendship and a craving to return as soon as possible.
Our advice: if you can, test the circuit on foot in the desert. You will definitely cJOETZITOUNE – France / Guyancourtome back a little different.

Guyancourt, France

Touareg face is extra we do what we want and we visit unusual corners far from the traditional circuits ..

Issoudun, France

To go in the desert with the Tuaregs it is the happiness, organization to the top ‘loneliness assured not of 4/4 where they take us
and without compass s v p
and in addition they are true cooks and I do not speak to you about music and Tuareg songs
it’s perfect.

Parma, Italy

Overnight in Ouarzazate, departure for Zagora where a delicious lunch is served at Yacob, M’Hamid where

I come from Morocco where I just made a great tour with Tuareg face it is great one can do everything they are nice it is simple organized well we meet aboriginals nothing to do with the classic agencies and it is cheaper.  Super and compliant with info from their site, otherwise simple and well done.

Marseille, France